Asian parents are strict

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Toby Young, journalist and campaigner for 'free schools': Chua is right that the great majority of exceptional achievement in many domains is the product of hothousing, not in our genes. Healthy success in children results from self-motivation see selfdeterminationtheory. Retrieved November 20, Then it was doubled again and so on. Simon Fraser University Press.

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In a similar way, Chinese tiger parents pay more attention to students core academic subjects such as math, science, and language arts and ignore other non-academic activities such as art and sports in order to ensure their children's superior performance in their core academic subjects.

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Do (strict) Chinese mums know best?

When I was young, my father would discipline me in ways that many non-Asian milliennials would think of as brutal and unnecessary. Yes, the child is excoriated for failing the family and its clan, if it does badly. It is important to understand that Asian Americans trace their roots to dozens of regions and countries across the Asian continent. What's the take-home message from research? I disciplined myself whenever I struggled on my own; taking less breaks, hanging out less with friends and spending more time studying.

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asian parents are strict
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asian parents are strict
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