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However, you can never get rid of it because it would offend extremely powerful people and you are not allowed to use a white elephant to do any labor as it would be both illegal and sacrilegious. I mean of course when the director and Kylie were brainstorming something must've come up about a giant floating elephant but perhaps this has less to do with the actual structure of the video and is linked more to the people who made it. For all we know, the tableaux presented to us by director Joseph Kahn could be modern interpretations of ancient paintings and sculptures. He may think he's completed the paperwork before the JO audition, but Jarell apparently didn't bother to do so, mostly out of sloppy habit. Before anyone decides to make a big deal out of the fact that nobody in the video is what we could call "average looking", two things must be said in her defense.

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The white horse has always been a mysterious creature, not only because of its color which is quite rare genetically but because of the qualities it's attributed with.

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Tessa Fowler

Teeny Lovers - Teens got the chemistry. This dude really enjoys having good hearty dump and he wants you to watch and listen to him unload his manly logs after which you can watch him casually wipe and flush. Finally went to the grocery; get home; they've forgotten to bag some of what I bought, so I had to walk all the way back. Lover Lover Thy Name Is. Now about the elephant, it sure represents delirium, how often do elephants fly around the city? The video begins with a falling cup of coffee, followed seconds later by a bottle of milk crashing against the pavement.

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  1. I hate all that damn moaning and whispering he does. He must think it's sexy, but it's not! He's clearly enjoying more than she is, and I don't wanna see/hear that.