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Open World Entertainment sexual abuse scandal In an abuse of power, the agency had a whole system of sexual abuse. After fully stripping, he begins to masturbate. He then stepped out of the spotlight until charges were dropped later that year. Inthe CEO of Open World EntertainmentJang Seok Woowas arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing female trainees and coercing male idols signed to his agency to do so as well. The news first came up when a former actress belonging to the troop posted anonymously online that she was sexually abused her. Even after continuously denying these charges, the court found him guilty. Soon after, local media received a tip that more than one child victim might be involved.

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Netizens were quick to conclude that the male in the video was Seo Ha Joon based on the similarity of facial and body features and the presence of a necklace he always wore.

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10+ Sex Scandals That Shocked The K-Pop World

As the story goes, K set up a meeting with Park Shi Hoo and the trainee. Police also found evidence that the CEO coerced some of the male idols to take part in the abuse. The Korean stage director was called out for sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual violence. Even after continuously denying these charges, the court found him guilty. Yoochun was subsequently found innocent and the first accuser was sentenced to two years for making false accusations as well as attempted extortion.

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korean singer sex tape
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