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If anyone is to suggest that a 13 year old GIRL who has barely been living in her grown up body assuming she has breasts is responsible for being manipulated by a 20 year old MAN, let me set the record straight. I'm guessing given where he goes to school the parents have a bit of money, and it'll be a compensation pay-off. I suspect many people in Japan including parents are probably are not aware this kind of activity is illegal. Lowly You may have missed the part where she put herself online with the intention of getting paid. Lots of weirdos in law. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements.

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After analyzing self-reported stories posted to the anonymous online platform AThinLine.

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As one poster said, this guy may not have had the social graces one would expect. She probably has some serious familial issues that drive her to the point of putting herself out there. People that blur that line between reality and fantasy and can't tell the difference are extremely dangerous and are mentally unstable in the first place. Last week it was a nutty translator from over at biomedical research I believe bringing down aircraft in Anchorage not part of Canada. Never mind which university the culprit is affiliated to - never mind privacy concerns over what is posted - above all, don't try to suggest it wasn't all the fault of the perpetrator.

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