Starfire gets a orgasem

It felt to Raven as if something was moving inside her. She gave the head a hard pinch, making Starfire moan and buck involuntarily. He wore the traditional Tamaranian loincloth the men of her planet wore during battles. Starfire had shoved her cock into Raven's ass instead of her pussy. She reached back up to Raven's tits, rubbing them again. She felt a deep pang inside her stomach. Starfire let her cock out with a pop.

Raven could see her movement of Starfire's cock as it was shoved in and out of her mouth.


Instead of slowly pushing it in, she sped up the spinning, almost turning it into a drill. They both even began to grunt a little with each thrust. Her cock hilted itself inside Raven's ass with each thrust. Her cock shot three more ropes onto Starfire's ass and back before she finished cumming. Starfire reached forward and grabbed Raven's tits.

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  1. Incest seems to be a very touchy subject to you; maybe it's had some major role in your life. You conception perhaps? I'm just trying to put two and two together considering how the comment you are responding to seemed to go completely over your head.