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Lara took the women into their temporary shelter and asked them why they had gone to the SFOR base and not to the police. In a recent Department of State report on trafficking, the U. IPTF monitors, existing U. Until Kevin was deported on a weapons charge, 52 the Moldovan woman lived with him in a private house in Dubrave. The trafficking victims — whether or not they were willing to testify against the perpetrators — received no services or protection from the Bosnian government beyond the police protection provided to the IOM shelters in Sarajevo, one high-security, one low-security. They have someone in Belgrade who makes false passports. We were supposed to be briefed at 10 p.

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These highly unusual raids secured the release of thirty-four women and girls who claimed that they had been trafficked into Bosnia and Herzegovina for forced prostitution.

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The situation, then, was complex, contested and fraught with difficulties. At the time of the allegations, the senior Pakistani officer was in Sarajevo and served as the chief of the internal investigations unit. Finally, some trafficking victims alleged that officials in the foreigners' departments in some police stations engaged in document fraud, facilitating trafficking. In some cases, owners arbitrarily extended a woman's period of debt bondage and simply refused to split her earnings. The police give three month working permits, and every three months they go to the police for renewal of permits. She remembered many details.

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