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The abortion debate in an American community. Hmong women in Wisconsin: Author content All content in this area was uploaded by Pranee Liamputtong on Feb 06, In this article, I explore traditional Hmong explanations about abortion and the ethnomedical knowledge and practices that pertain to it. Abortion is probably the oldest, most common and univ ersal method by which women. A medicine woman whom I interviewed mentioned two types of herbs that she. To Hmong traditional attitude, the uterus is significant as the home for the unborn and the basis of 'true' women for fulfilling their responsibility to their husbands and family Yang and Mielke,

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Throughout historywomen have had to deal not only with their ability to be.

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In a culture that values having many children, abortion is not easily accepted because it upsets the cosmological balance of the society. I am indebted to Hmong women for their time and information given to me during my. Creating New Identities in the United States. Wade, it's crucial to look back to the time when abortion was illegal. There is little research from Indonesia on the issue of abortion and researchers need to pick up the challenge to produce good quality quantitative and qualitative research to assist clinicians and policy makers. Perhaps because of breastfeeding, Hmong women. Hmong women fear the collapse of their uterus more than any other health condition because they believe that it is fatal and cannot be cured Liamputtong,

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