Hollywood hustler son of the mob

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Vince's I picked this book because i read the first book and i liked it. Thankfully, it explained everything I needed to know from the previous book. Yes, he essentially double cheats since he makes out with Willow, a hot girl from his University; and it just so happens that Willow is his new roommates Girlfriend!!! It is suspenseful writing as all of the pieces fall together. This book is a sequel. This kid that lives in the same building as Vince says that he is some big movie producer and wants to know were he can find actors.

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Towards the end of the book though it got to be more exciting.

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Kendra, in particular, is crowded out by all the new characters, who all remain fairly broadly drawn-- I could hardly keep them all straight, let alone really be entirely engrossed in the outcome of all their plots. This book was a lot better than the first book, Son of the Mob, because it had a better plot. It goes on describing their lives and what might happen. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The main characters in my books are Vince, the son of a mob boss, Vince's brother Tommy, Vince's roommate Alex and Vince's "uncles". Is this the final book of this series? There was almost no action after the first two chapters and climaxed in the first few pages.

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hollywood hustler son of the mob
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hollywood hustler son of the mob
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