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Jackie tossed him to the ground. Having a bag already packed would be a time saver and leave her with that much fewer barked shins from stumbling around in the dark. While she no longer tried to make any moves on him, it was clear that she still felt the same towards him as she had a year ago. Finn grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up and over, it too went to the floor. He reached down to stroke it and she trembled all the more at his touch. Much thanks goes out to Tajeri Lynn, Extremo Luchadore for being the first one to review this story. He needed to see.

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Then proceeded to unbuckle his belt.

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Was that it then? The knock on her door jerked her awake. This was what she had been waiting for for so long! He was struggling in LA, she knew. He had been amazed. But it was hard! Like a new set of digging tools for Jackie's archeology expeditions, some clothes, a silk kimono from China that had all the twelve animals from the Chinese zodiac embroidered on it, a new leather collar for Mercury however, she swore he'd always wear Finn's old collar, no matter how often Uncle complained of how old and smelly and ratty looking the thing now wasand a few other odds and ends.

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