Pantyhose smoker specifications

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Provisional Patent Application Ser. Since the leg bands 60 have two layers, the stretch factor of each leg band is the combination of the stretch factors of the two layers. Alternatively, either the top layer 68 or both the top layer 68 and the bottom layer 62 of the folded segment are knitted with the same stitch pattern, same body yarn, and same elastic yarn as the ones in the leg portion Press water out by placing them between layers of towels. Find a compression stocking vendor Take the authorization form that was given to you and present it to the vendor. In the same manner to provide approximately equal thickness as the one in the leg portion, the sum of the deniers of the body yarn in the top and bottom layers should be substantially equal or less than the denier of the body in the leg portions.

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This application is related to concurrently filed U.

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US20100107315A1 - Footless non-control pantyhose undergarment - Google Patents

If you are eligible for compression stockings from AADL, the authorizer will provide you with an authorization form as well as any other information you need. Furthermore, the leg portions 14 and 16 are seamlessly knitted to the panty portion 12 along the line However any other type of elastic yarns can also be used. This would create a uniform thickness and look for the panty 12 and the leg portions 14 and Hardwood chips are recommended. Compression stockings should be hand washed daily. Wear loose fitting clothing; avoid clothing that binds at the hips or groin.

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pantyhose smoker specifications
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pantyhose smoker specifications
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