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We no longer do any overhaul work on carburettors. Remove the carburetor air horn. Turning the screw clockwise in leans out the mixture, turning the screw counterclockwise out make the mixture more rich. Be sure the part you are buying is correct for your application. The engine should get normal fuel economy and emissions should be within limits for the year of the vehicle. Other carburetor-related causes include an idle mixture adjustment set too lean back out the idle mixture adjustment screw one quarter of a turn at a time until he idle quality improvesor a dirty idle mixture circuit which may require cleaning and rebuilding the carburetor.

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The angle of the choke valve opening should be:.

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Aisan Carburetor

Turning these screws clockwise increases the speed. Float level adjustments are unnecessary on models equipped with a carburetor sight glass, if the fuel level falls within the lines when the engine is running. Fiat S Coupe restoration; body in colour. Worm-screw clamps are usually the best. Bigger jets flow more fuel and richen the fuel mixture. Please verify that this part fits for your vehicle before you purchaseFits for: A rough idle condition is usually caused by an overly lean fuel mixture that results in lean misfire.

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asian carb exploded view
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asian carb exploded view
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