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I'm always glad to see people having the confidence to be proud of their bodies. Thanks for the advice! If you go to the beach with small children, you will be doing lots of squatting so if you want to wear a bikini, a high waist bottom would be more comfortable and will avoid embarrassing situations. We are just a lot less concerned about the way we look. If a woman learns to love her body regardless of its shape I think that she will choose the best gartments and make the most out of her looks. High leg bottoms are great for women with short legs.

As a plus size woman over 35, I often find myself on the wrong side of the 'reasons I shouldn't feel ok about who I am.

These Body-Positive Women Will Inspire You to Wear a Bikini with Confidence

In this postshe explains how her journey to becoming a body image activist has changed her perception of the world: Keep in mind what are you going to do while wearing the swimsuit. The women in your examples all look average and healthy. A bikini style with a high cut leg or string ties would make your legs look longer. This is used to detect comment spam.

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