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Fiona stood up and licked the crimson streaks from her lips with a quick flick of her tongue. But this was vampire politics, and Fiona had drank from David. Of course it didn't. Just In All Stories: The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Small silver rings with red stones glinted in the light from the candles near David's bed.

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Just the soft, penetrable flesh David himself preferred. Humiliation and Domination 7. Chord of a Church Organ in a Minor Scale 3. David watched with helpless horror as his pack collected around them, like gathering around the stocks in old times. The room seemed empty, at least as far as he could crane his neck to see. Fury flared up in David's chest and he bared his teeth at her, smoky light shining on the points of his fangs. The whole pack knew it.

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domination by my sister
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domination by my sister
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