Asian percussion instruments

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However, when only a specific subtype of the instrument qualifies as a percussion instrument, only that subtype is listed here. They would also play drums to signal dusk. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: The South Asian rastrarang can be played either with small sticks by percussion or by rubbing wetted fingers along the rims—the cups do not contain water. They are hung so that the striking surface is vertical and are struck in the centre of this surface the head.

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But the headless tambourine is an idiophone.

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Category:Asian percussion instruments

And then there's the lion druma single-headed drum used specifically for the Lion Dance. These colorful drums are often made of goatskin and wood and hand-painted with decorations. Wuhan 35 cm Chao Gong. The xylophone may already have entered the Western Hemisphere in pre-Columbian times. Known for its distinctive rich roar and intensive heavy strikes with long sustain, the Chao Gong is. Email is not a valid email. Browse Articles By Category Browse an area of study or degree level.

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asian percussion instruments
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asian percussion instruments
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