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I feel sorry for people who think everytime a sex scene occurs in a movie it's real sex. Betsy as Jennifer Schwalbach Kenny Hotz Katie Morgan lying naked flat against a desk with her breasts pressed against it while bent over as she has sex with a guy who is behind her and has him hold her down as he thrusts into her before she stands up still having sex while he grabs and squeezes her breasts. Vixens from Venus Katie Morgan Katie Morgan having sex with a guy while sitting in his lap in reverse bouncing up and down as he squeezes her breasts and as Erika Jordan sits next to them playing with her own breasts and touching Katie and the guy all while giving us some looks at Katie's bush in the process before Katie gets on her knees on the back of the chair and plays with her own breasts as the guy leans back to go down on her and at the same time has sex with Erika who is sitting in his lap grinding on him. Learn more More Like This.

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So we had to go more over-the-top.

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Katie Morgan - 112 Videos

Bikini Model Mayhem Katie Morgan Katie Morgan in a public restroom as she lowers her dress to reveal her breasts and ass in g-string panties and has a guy sucks on her nipples while at the same time Cindy Starfall undoes his pants and sticks her hand down his underwear and plays with him before Cindy bends over and goes down on him as he continues to kiss Katie and play with her body until finally the guy starts having sex with Cindy from behind while Cindy licks Katie's nipple as Katie sits on the toilet. Yeah, actually, they got that one right. So, my cousins and I used to climb under there, slide under there. She's Out of My League Well, I was watching a porn, because I was, uh, out on bail and not working and, basically, watching a lot of porn. Katie Morgan sitting naked on a table playing a robot as a doctor checks her reflexes and then standing up fully nude for a bit before he brings Cindy Starfall over in a white dress and has Katie feel her up and kiss around her face before she pulls down Cindy's white skirt and goes down on her while Cindy stands there motionless until finally the guy tells her to get into it and Cindy holds onto the back of Katie's head moaning and grabbing her own breast. Vixens from Venus Katie Morgan Katie Morgan kneeling above a guy on the back of a chair naked and playing with herself as the guy leans back to go down on her while at the same time Erika Jordan is having sex with him in his lap before Katie bends over his shoulder and leans upside down as both she and Erika go down on him at the same time.

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katie morgan sex scene in zack and miri
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katie morgan sex scene in zack and miri
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