Max domination guide

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When you have multiple units in a fight, if you have a full health unit and a low health unit you can have a different "attack order" in order to accomplish different goals. So they are considered a CORE unit, because they give a skilled player flexibility and mobility. Mid game to late game. Because Tourism is what you need to win a "Cultural Victory". In terms of being able to completely take over the map or take all the capitals of the AI, I see this as quite a difficult agenda to pursue because the AI as I mentioned before starts off with advantages.

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You can use Housing as a way of limiting your population growth so that you don't have to deal with unhappy citizens from Lack of Amenities.

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Argonne's 3-Hero Domination Guide

What this actually means is the more cities that you have, and the further away you trade, the more gold you can get out of each trade route. Even though you technically fought, because you got attacked, because you didn't choose to attack on your turn and actually spent that turn resting, you still get the hp from healing as long as your unit survives the fight. May 21, Messages: For both groups, the inclusion of any range unit into the mix will give the group with ranged units a slight advantage over the group without ranged. Melee will be lower hp and have a lowered strength if Ranged attacked first. In Egypt's case it is a flat bonus going both ways to give Eqypt gold and the player who is trading with her gets food.

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max domination guide
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max domination guide
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