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Babe has sex with man. This process targets not only women but also what is understood as Nature. What can be done, under patriarchy, to one female body can be done, under world patriarchy, to the entire body of earth. Patriarchy, though widespread, is not inevitable, and many human cultures—for example, many Native American cultures—never devel- oped it Allennor did they institute individual ownership of land with an economy based in capital Cronon But in pre-patriarchal tradi- tions, the elements of the story assemble differently. Remember me on this computer.

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Arguably, this myth and other similar ones speak to the establishment of patriarchal systems and the destruction of previous social organiza- tions and belief systems that respected female divinity and what she represented. This refusal, and its continuing repercussions, has everything to do with how excess becomes sexy and sustainability boring. Young girl fucked by old man in her wet pussy blow. Mor The Great Cosmic Mother: There are alternative paradigms to this kind of voyeuristic and controlling knowing for example, knowledge as intimacy, knowledge as respectful communication. New York University Press: Sweetheart has sex with man.

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