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The Stick of Truthwhich Parker and Stone worked on. At the mall, Bill Gates and Niles talk about how Bill is giving the Xbox followers access to weapons. Marcus Gilmer from The A. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As the consumers start fighting, Niles goes on to say that this war will be a bloodbath and that many will die. This premise was scrapped because Parker and Stone felt it wasn't enough like the content in Game of Thrones. Seeking an advantage to counter the PS4 faction's increasing ranks, Cartman contacts Microsoftbut CEO Steve Ballmer dismisses the importance of the children's conflict and the commercialization of the console wars.

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The story arc concludes with the following episode, " Titties and Dragons ".

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Orientis Partibus (Song of the Ass) on Recorder

When Kyle says he doesn't want to play dirty, Cartman brings up the fact that Randy, who is Stan's father, has a temporary job at the mall. South Park season 17 List of South Park episodes. When Tom goes against this, Niles threatens to tell of Tom and Tammy's incest. At Eric Cartman 's house, Butters Stotch and Scott Malkinson are training by fighting one another, much to the disgrace of Cartman, who eventually goes off on them. The Sony president shows him something in a box, to his amazement.

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song of the ass
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