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Apparently this literal egg is covered in a texture called the 'Rainbow Alphabet', which is the default texture used in the game's palette. I couldn't be botherd to read all of them so have you added the Canadian doller in snowbound. It's hard to tell by standing at the edge of the chasm, but there is a small nook on the left side of the room left, if one looks out over the chasm. Spawn a teleporter through the fence. This is a fun one to those who like Halo 3 Tricks and DigitalPh33r.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Finish the fight on a Mongoose Halo - Not really an easter egg IMO, but alternate means of transportation for those who like speed also a Ghost and a Brute Chopper become available on Legendary. When you eventually reach the infected ship where you find Cortana's message, you will find a few scattered Elite corpses inside, all of which are wearing white armor. Anothe Red vs Blue cameo. Final grunt Halo - Classic. Retrieved from " http:

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