Jason segel naked fake

How did you keep a straight face during your first scene in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"? Taylor Swift emotional as Reputation tour comes to an end. Most of society continues to have an unrealistic expectation of women, wanting them to fit by turns into both sexual and asexual standard: The worst part is seeing them cry and knowing that it's going to happen and sometimes you can't help it. Some 20 audience members reportedly stormed out of a test screening in disgust. Sign Up for Our Newsletter! I'm not saying have a bagel four times a day, but once or twice a week, go for it, and get your ass on the treadmill after.

So I got teary eyed.

'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' lets it all hang out

The movie's most captivating screen presence -- and its already much buzzed-about primary talking point -- is what a Harlequin romance novel might refer to as Segel's "manhood. That's why HuffPost Celebrity decided to launch its all-new nofilter quick-fire question-and-answer series. We get it right away, and it lives forever. No artful lighting to preserve any mystery about Segel's man junk. After you've seen a penis for a while, you kind of lose interest.

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