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Penny was now a mess, her heart was beating like crazy, she was in Paris with her nemesis who she in love with and her uncle was being clueless as he tries to stop MAD'S plan. Busty lesbian babes pussy licking and Then Penny realized something very important, the mission and her uncle, Talon sawed this and told Penny he'll destroy the machine just this once and Penny asked him "how? Cute school girls tied up and forced Soon they were reaching their limit. Talon been thinking that ever since he met Penny, he can't bring himself to admit he loves her and knows she had the feelings for him as well, but can't be together since their uncles were enemies, but what if they have a secret relationship that neither side knows and they can be together without their uncles finding out and hopes that it can work, but he needs to find Penny and luck would have it she jumped down and landed in front of him. Hey there everyone how's it going?

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And now she was in a room with the boy she likes and didn't know what's next. Talon went faster and faster as he screwed Penny, she brought him to be top of her and placed her hands on his back as he thrust and let out a few grunts. The end Well what do you think? After he hung up Talon sighed. The message said that Dr. Penny then took off her bra showing her breasts and Talon got a good look of her naked body, she was beautiful in his eyes and moved closer to her. Penny, Gadget and Brain got in the gadget-mobile and headed for Paris.

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