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In the end, they agreed they could occupy up to an eighth of the screen. Many of his characters have come across as grown up children, but by having his main characters be children it allows for a sense that these are still people being formed. Image via Fox Searchlight. There's also a mischievous statue spying on the human characters. This is a confusing and ultimately disappointing film, one that cannot be recommended. Do not believe his lies.

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Yes, sort of like that.

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But at least No Country made sense as a narrative. That happened during the editorial process. How long have you got? My next guest is an Oscar nominated director who's works include Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, my favorite, The Straight Story, which you should rent tomorrow. It sometimes can happen. The Guide asked director Andrey Zvyagintsev to shed some light on his haunting movie. Betty seeks the fame and fortune of being a star or even a great actress, and is driven by ambition.

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