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Even my male colleagues will randomly stand up in class and go to the mirror to fix their hair. Although not quite as comical as the time North Korea sent a threatening fax to South Korea. Use My Facebook Avatar. That might cause problems, as depression is still deeply stigmatized in most of South Korea, and your bosses knowing how sad you are could very well cost you your job, which would make you even sadder. This removes your ability to cry. And of course, they want the ideal "S-line" figure, so they undergo rib removal.

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To put it delicately, the Korean teacher-student relationship can be rather informal.

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I also live by an alley full of noraebangswhich literally translates to "singing rooms. Can you guess what might go on there? But still, she thought it was totally OK to pass my medical records around like a jug of house wine. I asked several of them why they weren't running around shitting their pants and converting to every religion they've ever heard of, just in case. Let him know what yours dreams up via FacebookTwitterTumblrand eponymous website. Read MJ Stacey's short stories and general musings at http:

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