Making a gloryhole

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It's a really hot, fun setup that never fails to get everyone off. I bet it if there were a vending machine that a guy could stick his dick in and it would feel exactly like a blow job, he would do it. OP go buy my book. Have you ever used a glory hole? Home for his first. I think the more pressing challenge, OP, is getting a permit from the city.

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A lot of guys like getting serviced through a circular carve-out by another guy.

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making a gloryhole

If you have nothing to hang it from, you could build a frame out of PVC pipe. Just when I think the lamest thread has been posted on DL, it gets topped. Anonymous August 21, at 9: I hear him grunt on the other side of the wall, feel his lips widen to take more of me in. So hey, future girlfriends: Some guys like to stick their meat through a hole and let the other person feed them their man-milk. I have been remiss in commenting on your blog lately.

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making a gloryhole
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making a gloryhole
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3 thoughts on “Making a gloryhole

  1. Monique Alexander went way overboard. Look at some of her early scenes.