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It drove her absolutely crazy. I haven't been there myself, but by all accounts it's not even on the same scale as a normal orgasm. We had no other cares in the world. These successive orgasms are like a roller coaster ride interspersed with peaks and lulls with a few minutes between each incredible burst of ecstasy. But all I did was open my legs and moan. She later told me that it was the most pleasurable sexual experience she ever had in her life and that she wanted to try it again. The heat of my own body kept me awake for hours.

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In spite of prevalent thinking, numerous climaxes do exist, and they are totally conceivable to accomplish in case you're ready to appreciate steady stimulation after the first orgasm.

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The Pleasure In Withholding Orgasm

Most guys make the mistake of just shovelling the finger in and going to-and-fro in the hope of hitting the right spot. Read any account of a good LSD trip or an ecstatic out-of-body religious experience and you'll know what I mean. I've sometimes had an extended orgasm that was triggered by a fairly intense initial orgasm, but I don't think anyone can sustain that initial intensity for long. All are very experienced with tantric sex, and all of the women have at least occasionally experienced real monster orgasms. I caressed her entire body, helping her relax, both physically and mentally.

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most pleasurable orgasm strories
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most pleasurable orgasm strories
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  1. Porn is fantasy. It is not meant to represent reality. Therefore, criticizing a porn production because it "misrepresents" facts is identical to criticizing a work of fiction for being a work of fiction; i.e., it's silly. Just enjoy it!