Naruto cums in sakura

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He reached down into his pocket, pulling it out and answered. He pulled up along the side as the front door opened. Naruto felt Sakura slump in his arms; he could tell she was exhausted but he also knew she wouldn't stop until she was fully satisfied. Naruto grinned and he moved in kissing her inner thigh. His hands deftly moved; before Sakura noticed it she was naked her lingerie was gone and forgotten.

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She gave a moan, and moved her hand down, rubbing her pussy as Naruto moved his hand.

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Naruto and Sasuke fuck Sakura

Naruto said nothing his eyes just watch her unblinkingly; Sakura smiled and took his cock into her mouth reached over half before she had to stop. Just In All Stories: The driver door opened as Sakura stepped out. Naruto shoved his tongue as far as it could go into Sakura as he could; he licked at her inner walls. She hadn't even stayed in it yet; it wasn't hers… it was theirs she wanted him to be there for their first night under the same roof.

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naruto cums in sakura
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naruto cums in sakura

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