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Without the otherworldly horrors that lurk through its streets, Silent Hill might be nothing more than a scenic, fog-filled town. Seems to get stuck in this form a lot. This strange old woman who asks Harry to stop the birth of "Samael". Its theorized that the Needler is a sick depiction of the act of childbirth; his posture looks the same as a woman in delivery, with his revolting head in place of a newborn baby. Was a drug runner, in bed with Dahlia maybe literally in regards to the demon birth plan, and most likely killed Lisa.

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The Order's mythology depicts God as a female being who descended to Earth sometime in the distant past and relieved humans of suffering.

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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012) Nude Scenes

This craziness can't go on forever. Get away from me! Her form in the third game lacks nipples. This is the Lying Figures entire existence, shambling around the streets of Silent Hill while they futilely try to break free of their fleshy restraints. Not so much terrifying as skin-crawlingly creepy, the Mannequins are two distinctly feminine, ballerina-like lower halves that have been fused together at the waist. The closer you look at this enemy, the nastier he becomes: These freakish fiends convey volumes about the psyches that spawned them; well do our best to avoid spoilers, but know that some of the protagonists darkest secrets will be tied to the enemies they face.

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