Why are women good at reading facial expressions

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Response latency was measured in ms and differs from reaction time, as for the latter participants are instructed to answer as fast as possible. Error bars present the standard errors of the means. This suggests that the small effect size for a female advantage in facial emotion recognition might be the result of the majority of research having used extreme facial expressions as stimuli. Together, the results show a robust female advantage over males in recognising a wide range of emotional expressions from videos including intensity variations. These results illustrate a female superiority in facial emotion processing using dynamic and intensity-ranging stimuli that are more like real-life encounters i. A comparison of posed expressions versus spontaneous expressions in an interpersonal communication setting. Consequently, the female advantage at processing emotions from faces seems to extend to greater exposure times and conscious processing.

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This did not change the rank of those cases, but made them less extreme.

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Women 'better at picking up on emotions than men'

This disproportionate advantage disappeared for the unbiased hit rates, with females outperforming males consistently across expression intensity levels based on unbiased hit rates. Thus, females may have an exposure advantage to facial emotional expressions compared to males. Means M and standard errors of the means SE are expressed in percentages. Field [ 37 ] suggested the identified extreme values should be replaced by less extreme values. J Pers Soc Psychol.

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why are women good at reading facial expressions
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why are women good at reading facial expressions
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