Facial bone aging

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Over the age of 35, the number of bone regenerating cells in the face decreases. The information available on this web site is provided for informational purposes only. Most conventional face lift procedures incorporate lifting and tightening techniques to defy the facial soft-tissue descent that results from atrophy and loss of skin elasticity. Let's fight it every step of the way! It too begins to diminish, especially in the temples, forehead, and over the cheekbones.

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But the guy who's seen 30, skeletons does have some tips for how to slow down that facial bone droop:

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Why do facial bones become more visible with age?

Soft tissue fillers and fat can be used successfully to restore volume loss and, when injected more deeply, result in the restoration of supportive structures and the skeletal foundation. The implication of this is that for both male and female patients, augmentation of the facial skeleton should be done conservatively, with just sufficient volume to restore the contours of youth. Don't fault them for providing a service that consumers ask for. You don't necessarily need to compare the same individuals to draw inferences, even by common sense. Most notably, in the process of differential growth, areas of bone resorption occur adjacent to areas of bone deposition. This has inherent shortcomings due to the wide variation between normal individuals. The bone mineral density BMD of the mandible BMD was calculated as the average of the right and left mandibular ramus BMD, as determined by the region of interest described in the article.

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facial bone aging
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facial bone aging
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