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I asked him, "hey, remember when you used to like me? If I can't motivate my own ass, I sure as hell can't motivate both of ours. I'm not even a fat nerd girl, one of the average variety moreso; but you know what's really depressing? But I also realized it's an insult to their judgment and self esteem to say that It's immature and off-putting when someone is judgmental and associates weight with value as a person, or when they delude themselves about their own health "I'm not fat, I just am bootylicious! I know plenty of fat nerd guys who are completely in love with their fat nerd wives. Before I got married I was stuck in the Forever Alone world too because of this crap forced into my head by everything I looked at.

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I enjoy those long, pleasant silences with someone I love.

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Upvoted not just for truthiness but also for "foods so delicious dieters would kill themselves with a nail gun if they knew it existed. I wish there was more porn that had regular-looking women also, mega bonus points if the girl is actually enjoying it. Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. And that's if they like me. I don't think you have to have self confidence to be an egotist.

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i love chubby nerds
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i love chubby nerds
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