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I then heard Lyle give out a groaning sound, and then he said God damn it, hes got me. I then tried to see the clock in the office, but I could not see it since I was outside the fence. He then said Well, Rascal started fucking me over there on the grass, but he was fucking me too hard tonight, so I tried to get him to stop, and he wouldnt, so somehow we ended up here when he knotted with me. The animal has grown so accustomed to him that it will hardly take a step without him. Terminology of the Third Reich. I slowly said Oh yeah, I felt every spurt dude.

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Lyle then said Oh.

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I then just said Im comming home from a friends house. I then walked back into the old Haunted house, and started my way up the stairs. I saw Lyle squirm a bit under Buster, but not make any noises. Maybe I could see if I could cum 3 times, since he did suck me off before, and was pretty damn good at it. He then said Good, I though it might have been the boss or somebody comming in. I then said Heck yeah dude, it was a great night for me too, I cummed twice. Lyle then licked the side of my cheek and said Im all yours too.

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