Bleeding after losing your virginity

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Again, I can not thank you guys enough. The sex wasn't rough at all and we eased in to it so Im thinking its probably an abrasion like you said. Should I go to a doctor if it goes on for more than a week? They stretch, but they can be torn or abraded during various normal activities. But a credible GYN knows that, and also knows there is no such thing as a "bigger" or "smaller" vagina. With ours, it was probably four hours and she bled like a killed chicken. What can happen is that if someone is starting to get one, then has an orgasm -- which causes uterine contractions -- it can kind of push flow along a little more.

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If they didn't, we can be pretty sure this is a nonissue in this context and probably any other.

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Does a woman always bleed when she has sex for the first time?

If spotting is all that's happening here, I'd not sweat it. I'm also on BC so could that be making the bleeding worse? I did start the pill about a week after my period ended, so I should've gotten my period around 5 days ago. Has your withdrawal bleed been regular on the pill? Again, I can not thank you guys enough. The only ones that consistently bleed heavily are those who actually should have first visited a gynecologist and had an imenectomy before having sex for the first time. As much as Ive tried to disregard what shes said, I cant seem to get it out of my head.

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bleeding after losing your virginity
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bleeding after losing your virginity
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3 thoughts on “Bleeding after losing your virginity

  1. She's an all time fav... still sexy to me. Just like pinky and cherokee