Car commercials suck

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They may have bad ideas and kick ass at presenting them, so bad ideas make it through. They have different value systems. So ask yourself who the target of the commercial is, and then think about if it appeals to them. It's based off the idea that we all tend to hate change, and will go with something we know but slightly dislike, vs something we don't know. The feedback they give on creative work ranges from unhelpful to maddening. In fact its a ridiculously bad commercial for that demographic. The other part is to match these profiles with the ideal audience for your products and then targeting specific TV shows.

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The Saturn Homecoming spot is plainspoken and sincere as all hell.

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Don't all car commercials suck?

One, great car commercials are informed by a clear understanding of the brand doing the advertising, what its voice is, what its values are, what its place in the world is. The teams range from geniuses to fresh-out-of-college kids with no idea WTF they are doing. Two, great commercials reflect — and create — real and legitimate pride in the brand doing the advertising. What can they do? Submit a new text post. It really doesn't matter how many people see it. As mentioned elsewhere there are commercials which are intentionally "bad" to attract attention and make the viewer engage, but I'm not sure that's what you mean.

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car commercials suck
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car commercials suck
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