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Each time, after foreplay and lubrication, I would ride him cowgirl, so that I could control the angle and depth of penetration, and the speed of thrusting. What is the biggest loophole you've ever found? I did it when I was still a teen, I am a teen now tho, but an adult just out of curiosity. What is the biggest thing you've ever shoplifted? I have to say that his orgasms were equally massive, which in turn triggered big, powerful anal and penile orgasms in me which lasted for a while. Increadible orgasm followed this penetration.

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Once I got to climax, my asshole squeezed around them which caused a second orgasm, then a third, and a forth one, needless to say one of my best experiences. This will let you comfortably clean yourself out with water. Answered Aug 2, To my knowledge, I haven't put anything into my butt, therefore the biggest item is nothing. What is the biggest culture shock you have ever faced? Answered Jun 11, Butt stuff is fun stuff, after all.

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