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But in research settings, it has been shown that viral load can fluctuate. What do married couples do about sex when they have this? On the other hand, it may be that you do have HPV and that cells in your cervix are starting to change. Thanks for your time! A Golden Gift Announcement: Wright, MD Ross S. He or she is in the best position to give you personal medical advice including whether or not you should get the vaccine.

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My paps have been normal ever since but recently I had an abnormal pap test again.

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Questions from Readers: HPV Transmission

I recommend that your partner abandon his GP and take this four-pronged approach:. The good news is that the likelihood of its returning, once it is gone, is small. I was told I had the HPV virus and changed cells etc. I have HPV and had genital warts a year ago. It may also be a good idea to have resources to which you can direct a partner, so you know they turn to trustworthy sources for information. There is no way to know which people who have HPV will develop cancer or other health problems.

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safe sex with hpv
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safe sex with hpv
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