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Anonymous July 28, at 1: The sculpture of Saint Teresa actually consists of two figures, sculpted in white marble: The sculpture portrays the Saint's overpowering sense of spiritual pleasure in serving Christ. Scriptures make much about our identification with Christ. Fortunately for me, I believe God runs the Universe and not the various denominations of Christianity. The whacko foster mom knelt daily before that photo [and also required that It be hoisted up to do the same]. As usual, a fantastic job.

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As such I don't believe that Hell exists, nor Heaven in a conventional sense.

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St Teresa of Avila's famously orgasmic vision?

And as your catalog of St. There must be 5, square feet of it piled up on her body. Does the fact that a beautiful shade of blue is nothing more than photons of a certain wavelength impinging on the cones in our retina in any way lessen the beauty of the blue? Already in the 19th century, Goethe's description of the the blue Italian sky was described as Will be mulling over this you can be sure.

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