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For equally spaced data, the first-order autoregressive AR 1 structure can be used. The percent stocking models were developed using the difference equation technique. Linear modelling of irregularly spaced, unbalanced, longitudinal data from permanent-plot measurements. Frequency of Comandra blister rust infection episodes on lodgepole pine. Slash pine site index from a polymorphic model by joining splining nonpolynomial segments with an algebraic difference method. After comparing different formulations, the best percent stocking model for white spruce was. For all four species, the covariance structure defined by the linear log function was the best and subsequently used for model fitting:

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Conifer growth, Armillaria ostoyae root disease, and plant diversity responses to broadleaf competition reduction in mixed forests of southern interior British Columbia.

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Canadian Journal of Forest Research

Percent stocking declined fastest over time on good sites for all four species. The Forestry Chronicle, 93 Since the variance is unknown, an approximate value has to be selected iteratively. The final model formulation was based on the selected weight and covariance structure. This study demonstrates both a means and the methodology of predicting stocking by species over time, thus accounting for the spatial dispersion of trees and species. After evaluating various expressions, the final percent stocking model for lodgepole pine was.

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