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As I thought about them during the week, half the time I thought you were serious, and half the time I thought you were teasing. They had a brief conversation sitting around a table drinking lemonade. I'll send these pictures to San Francisco, and they'll decide. And your personality ain't bad. When she returned after her shower, she was naturally still topless.

Was I finally going to see my big sister in her bra?

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As it turned out, he was on a work-vacation. That girl can cook! I'm perfectly fine with you staying just the way you are. My naked breakfast and the following clean up was finished. But in other ways, she had been enjoying the exhibitionist moment.

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  1. its funny like y'all expect someone who is surrounded by a plastic surgery culture of LA to not feel pressured to "enhance" herself considering she likely has some crazy shit going on in her head considering shes a pornstar. Not a lifestyle of smart decisions really

  2. Don't get me wrong she is hot but does anyone else think she sort of resembles Tom cruise?